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Bubble Puzzle Match

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Bubble Puzzle Match is an online game that tests players' ability to match colors and pop bubbles to clear the screen. This game can be played against two other players at once or against the computer. The goal of this game is to clear all of the bubbles on the board before they reach the player. They do this by matching three or more bubbles of the same color together so that they will pop, clearing space for new ones. At first, it may seem like a simple task, but as players progress through levels, they will find themselves having trouble figuring out what matches with what!

If two or more bubbles of the same color are touching, they pop, and any bubbles above them fall down to fill in the empty spaces. Players can move their cursor around using their mouse to aim where they would like to shoot new bubbles from. Their bubble shooter is limited, so they must be careful to use it only when necessary. Every time a bubble pops, the points earned are added to their total score for that level, and they will also add up in the box with how many bubbles they have popped in total. They will then advance to the next level when all of the bubbles on the screen have reached them. There are 50 levels in Bubble Puzzle Match; if they think this game is easy, just wait until later levels when they find it more challenging.

The game is won when all bubbles have been popped, and the player beats the level. They can also lose a life if any of the bubbles touch their character, so they should be sure to pop those bubbles as soon as they start moving towards them! Bubble Puzzle Match has lots of levels that become more challenging as they progress through them and more fun! The game can be played for hours on end and still prove to be just as exciting every time they play, especially if they are playing against others online. Bubble Puzzle Match will keep players busy for hours on end with its easy controls, fun gameplay, and many levels to complete!

This free online game is a great way to spend time and challenge the mind and senses. As players progress further in levels, they can see how their score affects their rank in the leader board with other people who play the game. Bubble Puzzle Match provides an excellent gaming experience, can be enjoyed by all ages and is free to play online.

How to play:

Shoot all bubbles in this refreshing bubble shooter game.


Mouse: Click to shoot the bubble.
Mobile: Tap to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

Sep 20, 2021

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