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Bubble Shooter Colors

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Play Bubble Shooter Colors. Pop all bubbles in this colorfull bubble shooter game that you can play for free.

Bubble Shooter Colors is an online game consisting of falling colorful bubbles from above. It is a different bubble shooter game than others because the bubbles don't disappear as they hit objects but create color in their wake. The player must then decide which bubble has the matching color, detonate it to win points, and proceed to the next level. The game features a 4x4 grid for players to aim for, increasing the number of possible combinations in each level.

How To Play Bubble Shooter Colors

1. To begin the game, a player must click on the menu and select play. It will take you to a screen where bubbles are falling, and you have to shoot them by matching their color. The best way to start is by choosing a manageable level that has less number of bubbles and that too of low values.
2. After selecting a level, the player needs to use their mouse to aim at bubbles that appear on the screen.
3. To move the mouse, the player can click and drag it in any direction. The player should remember that the farther the cursor is from the game, the more time it takes to aim at bubbles. It is also essential to know that there are two ways to shoot bubbles: by clicking on them or dragging them into a particular area. It is up to you what you prefer, however, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of each method so make sure you try both to get used to it.
4. When a player has aimed their cursor at a bubble, the bubble will light up and vibrate. When you are confident that this is the color you want to shoot, move your mouse slightly to shoot it. If you are wrong about which color to shoot, or if you don't want to blow up that bubble, press the ESC key.
5. As bubbles fall from above, they have specific colors like green, yellow and red. A player must aim at these colors and shoot them on the grid.

About the Creator:

Bubble Shooter Colors is created by Playtouch. Playtouch creates high-quality html5 games that are playable on all devices. They have also created the following games: Words Search, Mahjong Big, Happy Farm Solitaire, Happy Farm Tiles Match,

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Play Bubble Shooter Colors. Pop all bubbles in this colorfull bubble shooter game that you can play for free.
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