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Kadama is one of the many variations of the game Bubble Shooter. In Kadama, it is your goal to score points by popping bubbles as they float to the bottom of the playing field. Popping bubbles is easy in Kadama. Simply match three of the same color bubbles together and they will pop. Bonus points are given if you're able to pop larger groups of bubbles at once. Score as many points as you can before the playing field fills with bubbles or win the game if you can clear the playing field of all of the bubbles. However, the game is over if the bubbles reach the bottom of the playing field so you will have to be quick. Kodama can be found at BubbleShooter.net which is the home of the Original Bubble Shooter as well as the many variations of Bubble Shooter and can be played for free.

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Play Kodama, the most relaxing bubble shooter that exists, play the game for free without any download.