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Bubble Gems

Bubble Shooter

In bubble gems the goal is to free all 107 gems. You can do this by playing the levels in this fun but hard bubble game. The first levels start off easy with only a few different bubble colors but if you are heading to the higher levels it will get harder. You must play with more bubble colors, you must avoid obstacles. There will come bubbles that you can't free and you will face bubbles that become ready when you pop the bubbles next to them.

Bubble Gems Thumb Bubble Gems in one of our most favorite bubble games, especially because it is hard to reach the final levels. Where other bubble games often are too easy.

The cool thing about bubble gems is that it keeps your score. If you come back tomorrow or next week you can go further with your game where you left.

Collect the Gems

The goal is to collect the gems. You can collect 106 gems in total. Some levels do have no Gems, some have 1 and other levels have multiple gems. The gems look like this: GemsTry to free the gems by removing the bubbles around it. Once a Gem falls it is yours!

Graphics and loading screen

The game features nice and playful graphics, the bubbles do have a sort of shine on it what looks nice. The colors are a bit dull and the animations are boring. This is well compensated by the gameplay btw. Una the Unicorn does a few moves.
Bubble Gems Game
The main game looks like lots of other bubble shooter games. You have the shooter, the field of bubbles, the score and the controls.

The main loader

Bubble Gems Loader
This is the main loading screen. Simple but effective with it's big play button. A link to our website and the option to toggle the sound. We like that you can turn off the sound immediately. Also the name of the game is displayed in big letters and Una the Unicorn is presented to you.

Sound track

The game features a sound track that reminds us of the original puzzle bobble. Fun, catchy and with a few frases where you expect the "yeah" sounds. But after half an hour of play we did get annoyed by the sound. Luckyly you can mute the sound and/or game sound effects.

Bubble gems gameplay

In this short video you can see how the game works. You see us play the first few minutes. This way you can see and "feel" how the game plays.

About the Creator:

Bubble Gems is created by Famobi. Famobi is a large game developer from Germany, known for their excellent games that our users love to play. They have also created the following games: Bubble Woods, Solitaire Classic, Connect Classic, Candy Bubble, Smarty Bubbles, Bubbles Shooter, Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Classic,

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This is Bubble Gems, an online bubble shooter game with a gem themed style. With Una the unicorn and the big map of levels this game will keep you busy for hours.
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