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Bubble Pop Adventures

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Pop Adventures is a cool bubble shooter game where you must help mama mushroom to rescue her babies. Her babies are trapped in the bubble pops, make combinations to free her babies. Bubble Pop Adventures does have 23 levels and a endless mode. You must solve each level and score stars to go to the next levels. Complete all 23 levels with 3 stars and you unlock the endless mode. In the endless mode there will be always dropping new bubbles so you an play endless.


What we like about this game is the aim guide, you can see where you are going to shoot the bubbles. On pc with the mouse and on mobile by pressing and holding the screen, release to shoot.
Each bubble gives you 10 points, no matter how big the combinations are. You can see the next bubble left to the shooter.
The levels start off easy. In the first level you only have 2 colors to pop, in the second level there are 4 colors and so on. It also will be more difficult to hit the bubbles later on.

About the Creator:

Bubble Pop Adventures is created by MarketJS. MarketJS is a game developer that creates casual web games. They have also created the following games: Monkey Bubble Shooter,

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Play bubble Pop Adventures, pop the bubbles and helpt mama mushroom rescue all her in bubbles trapped babies.
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