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Bubble Penguins

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Penguins is a game with an interesting premise. The game's goal is to clear out all the bubbles on the screen before they reach their penguin friends, who are trying to stay afloat in their boat. To do this, they need to pop groups of three or more bubbles touching each other. It becomes increasingly difficult as they progress through levels because there will be less and less room for their penguins' boats. A player can get help by popping special items that give a player extra moves or remove one layer of bubbles from the board at once!

Bubble Penguins is a basic match 3 game; the main way of gaining points in this game is by matching at least three bubbles. To do so, a player needs to click on a bubble and then move it over adjacent bubbles in any direction. When they have done that, matching bubbles will disappear in a puff of smoke, a player will gain points, and that bubble disappears into the top of the board. A player can also swipe through multiple bubbles in any direction in a line or an L shape. This game is interesting because while making matches, other bubbles on the screen start to fall down, which gives a player another part to plan for when making matches, an aspect of planning not seen in many basic puzzle games.

The graphics are good compared to most free games; it's colorful without being too bright and has no parts that look out of place or poorly designed. However, this does not change the fact that the design lacks creativity and feels very standard throughout. The same applies to sound effects, and while they are basic ones used often in games, they are functional. The music in this game is excellent and fits very well with the theme of the game. The music is calm but upbeat, making it more pleasant to listen to while also fitting nicely into the background of levels where sounds of water rushing down might have distracted a player otherwise.

The difficulty curve in Bubble Penguins starts easily enough but quickly ramps up until it reaches a point where player timing needs to be spot on so that players don't get stuck for too long or lose lives at once due to being overwhelmed by bubbles. After completing each level, players are given 3 stars which they can use later on power-ups if they choose not to spend them on hints right away after unlocking them through level progression. This game is perfect for casual gamers, but players looking for more challenging will be disappointed.

How to play:

Help the penguins to clear all bubbles. Shoot all bubbles to go to the next level.


Mouse: Click to shoot the bubbles.
Mobile: Tap and release to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

Sep 13, 2021

About the Creator:

Bubble Penguins is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter, Original bubble shooter, Jelly Blocks, Mahjong Deluxe, Gems Match 3,

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Play Bubble Penguins, pop all the bubbles in this bubble shooter game with penguins. You can play bubble penguins for free on our website.
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