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Grow a small world in Sandspiel, a pixelated falling sand game. Play with gravity and watch the seeds scatter, pour water in between two stones and create small bodies of water for irrigation purposes, or create acid rain and watch the lush rainforest, just created, turn to an abysmal post-apocalyptic nature scene. In Sandspiel one begins with an empty bottle with some soil and plants. To progress through the game and begin creating, one chooses an element and begin raining it from above, and the best part is there is no objective other than projecting their imagination into this virtual medium. Elements include: wind, wall, sand, water, stone, ice, gas, cloner, mite, wood, plant, fungus, seed, fire, lava, acid, dust, oil, and rocket; create stunning works of art as each element reacts differently to each other and leaves the user with a world of endless possibilities.

The world is a blank canvas with Sandspiel, if one has ever created a layered bottle of sand at the beach then they can understand how fragile one must treat it to prevent mixing, well the beauty of this virtual terrarium is in the fact that it is indeed virtual. No physical world complications, one can continue building all week until they have exactly what they had in mind down to the last pixel. When one is done go ahead an upload the creation for the world to see and appreciate! Not only is this fun to just mess around with, but it is a solid tool for actually mapping out that aquarium or terrarium, too.
It is a blast and also one of the most tranquil experiences on the internet. A simple world building game, with a surprisingly intricate system that will keep one entertained for hours each session if they are not careful!

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Play Sandspiel, the ultimate sandbox game. play with sand like you never did before with sand, water, plants, fire, and even explosives to play with.
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