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Bubble Shooter Endless

19.52K Played0 Comments

Do you love bubble shooter games? Do you think that level based games are not challenging enough for you? Bubble Shooter Endless is the game you are looking for! You have to match and dissolve at least three bubbles b...

Sea Bubble Shooter

18.74K Played0 Comments

Dive into the ocean and go on an underwater adventure! Your task in this cute Bubble Shooter with a twist is to clear the star in the center of the rotating field. Aim carefully and match at least 3 same-colored bubbl...

Bubble Shooter Saga

1.03M Played0 Comments

Bubble Shooter Saga is the latest and greatest of the famous bubble shooter type arcade games. Once you start playing it, you won’t stop until you finish all its 75 levels. The goal of the game is to help the cute, li...

Bubble Charms

638.46K Played0 Comments

A fun and colorful arcade puzzle game. Aim the bubbles and pop matching groups of three or more. Can you reach a top-score?

Bubble Hero 3D

625.99K Played0 Comments

Savor in the satisfying sounds of bubbles popping as you work to free the adorable mice and in doing so become the Bubble Hero. Free all the mice from their bubbles and progress to the next of 80 challenging and addic...

Bubble Gems

48.10K Played1 Comments

Help the cute unicorn Una to collect all gems! Your task in this addicting bubble shooter is to match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to remove them from the field. Destroy all bubbles, collect gems and try to ea...

Cat Bubble Shooter

39.70K Played0 Comments

Help the cat to shoot all the bubbles in this cat and forest themed bubble shooter game. Aim the bubbles and shoot with your mouse.

Orange Ranch

28.42K Played0 Comments

Orange Ranch is the great sequel of the classic Bubble Shooter Orange Bubbles. Build your own ranch, crop oranges, plant new trees and sell your harvest to become a real orange farmer. Upgrade your plantation and crea...

Save Butterflies

29.46K Played0 Comments

The butterflies are trapped and you are their last hope in this colorful bubble shooter game! Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to burst them and set the butterflies free. Try to explode bigger groups of bubbl...

Bubbles Shooter

62.69K Played0 Comments

Your task in this fun bubble shooter is to match at least 3 bubbles of the same color. Aim carefully, shoot, and try to remove as many bubbles as you can. Clear the whole field to continue to the next level. If you ne...

Bubble Hamsters

624.18K Played0 Comments

Bubble Hamsters is a colorful bubble shooter game for the whole family! Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same color and try to remove all of them from the field. Master all levels and unlock cute new hamsters! Can yo...

Smarty Bubbles X-mas Edition

53.75K Played0 Comments

Ho ho ho! It's wintertime! Our fantastic bubble shooter Smarty Bubbles is now shining in a beautiful winterly look. Smarty Bubbles is one of the most popular bubble shooter games worldwide and the perfect casual game ...

Orange Bubbles

25.90K Played0 Comments

It's fruit harvest season in this hands-on bubble shooter. You task is to pick oranges from the tree. The oranges are surrounded by bubbles though which first have to be cleared away. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the...

Smarty Bubbles

93.01K Played0 Comments

Smarty Bubbles is the perfect casual game for all ages. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same color to remove them and try to clear the field. Play one of the most popular bubble shooter games of all times and set a ...


22.48K Played0 Comments

This game blows no, it's total balls no, it's both!

Bubble Fish Buddies

24.79K Played0 Comments

Capture bubbles by throwing fish into them. Complete a level by capturing all the bubbles. Earn 3 fishes by completing the level with no mistakes. There are 36 levels in bubble fish buddies.

Bubble Hit 2

38.40K Played0 Comments

Bubble hit 2 is the best bubble shooter game playable on your mobile device!

Bubble Hit

199.20K Played0 Comments

Pop bubbles by shooting bubble and joining at least 3 bubbles of the same colors to make them disappear. This is a plain and classic looking bubble shooter game.

Youda Conqueror

35.98K Played0 Comments

Play a Bubble Shooter like you've never seen before. Gather resources and stand your ground in the amazing battles of Alexander the Great!


64.78K Played0 Comments

You have to gather together 3 or more balls with one color to get rid of them. You can group them vertically or horizontally. Also you can make a combination of vertically and horizontally positioned balls of the same...

Holoholo Island

47.64K Played0 Comments

Holo Holo Island is a Classic Bubble Shooter puzzle game with super bonuses and lots of treasure to collect! Go on a journey across Holo Holo Island by clearing the levels of all the coloured balls but watch out for t...


68.89K Played0 Comments

In this bubble game the goal is very easy: you have to clean off the field by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. All exploding bubbles will appear on the field again. Therefore, the only way to clear th...

Speedy Bubbles

56.56K Played0 Comments

It's Bubble Bobble after drinking three Red Bulls. Speedy the snail has got some bubbles for you. Match them up before you get crushed.

Bubble Trouble

31.96K Played0 Comments

Pop the bubbles by shooting your bubble at clusters of two or more bubbles that have the same color. When a match is made, you get an ever-increasing number of points as each bubble pops. Any bubbles, regardless of co...


102.81K Played0 Comments

Keep the bubbles under control in this fun twist on Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Spinner

407.64K Played0 Comments

In bubble spinner the game field spins if you shoot it. it uses physics, so a steep angle results in a faster spin.

Bug Buster

60.01K Played0 Comments

A bubble game when your playing with bugs instead of bubbles.

Magic Toy Factory

35.44K Played0 Comments

Aim your cannon, match 3 of the same bubbles and move your train to catch the falling toys.

Candy Shoot

47.65K Played0 Comments

Score points by hitting 3 or more of the same type of candy.

Flower Power

36.59K Played0 Comments

Match 3 or more flowers clear them. If the watering can runs out of water the flowers take over and you lose. Left and right arrow key to rotate. Up to shoot. Move the shooter with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Sho...


39.14K Played0 Comments

Old but simple bubble shooter game.


72.93K Played0 Comments

The oldest bubble shooter game. This is where it all started. Field of multi colored bubbles, shooter at the bottom. Aim and shoot, get the colors to match!

Yeti Bubbles

55.04K Played0 Comments

This is a highly addictive reincarnation of the model globule matching entertainment. Go around the globule bobble around and discharge the globule to create 3 or more color matches. the glacier on top cause obstruct ...

Bubble Elements

82.32K Played0 Comments

Challenge the elements in bubble elements. Make bubble matches of three or more of the same color. Remove all bubbles to clear the level.

Obama Bubbles

169.03K Played0 Comments

Shoot the bubbles and try to make them disappear in time to control that part of the US vote. You have 7 objectives to complete: Defense, education, religion, monetary, media, culture and technology. Each objective do...

Puzzle Bobble

66.46K Played0 Comments

The classic puzzle bobble arcade game. Play as Bub and Bob to connect 4 bubbles of the same color to burst them before time runs out. Puzzle bobble is also known as bust a move in the usa as sometimes in europe. Puzzl...

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