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Fishing Online

Puzzle Pull The Pin

Fishing Online is an online mobile fishing game. It is friendly for most computers and mobile platforms. Also known as Save the Fish, it is a casual game that is filled with mini puzzles and small tests to improve your smarts. There are a bunch of little tasks in the game. In the initial task, you are presented with a little scene where the fish is caught between two pins. You have to decide which pin to pull. If you pull the right pin, the fish will swim away and go about its day safely. If you make the wrong decision, one of many little dangers await the fish, whether it's a bigger fish, or lava, or some other form of danger. The game start easy and gets more challenging as you progress in an attempt to test your logic and patience. However, the game never gets too frustrating. You just are unable to progress too far without the right amount of points, or stars. This game is a good way to pass the time, and appropriate for all ages.

About the Creator:

Fishing Online is created by 2Play. 2Play creates casual games in multiple categories. They have also created the following games:

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Play Fishing Online for free! In Fishing Online you must complete all complex puzzles by removing the sticks.
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