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Fishing 2 Online

Puzzle Pull The Pin

Online Fishing 2 is an online game that's easy to play from your browser. It's a puzzle game with light music. When you first open the game, there's a square with the number 1 in it. You click on that and this is how you start the first level. The game consists of a fish that is trying to find its way to the water. The way this online game function is that you pull levers in a way to make sure that the fish gets to water without hitting other obstacles first.

If you manage to help the fish get to the water, then you pass the level. If you do something else that causes the fish harm, then you don't and have to start over again. Once you clear a level, you go back to the mainboard where you can click on the next level to start that one. Some of the levels have time constraints, like sharp spikes that are slowly driving in to threaten the fish.

Other threats include sharks or any number of other possible problems. Some levers you just pull out to open up the room, for others, you can shift them up and down to keep your fish safe. It's often the case that there's some kind of dirt or dangerous gold material in one room, and you have to wash it with water before exposing your fish to it so that your fish remains safe. Each board grades you from 0 to 3 stars in terms of how well you did. You can always go back and redo levels if you want to get a better score. Each level becomes more complex than the one before, with more and more constructions for passing each level. For example, at one point they introduce these wood barriers that need to be eaten through by the gold substance to get the way to the fish properly. They also have a lever that lowers a protective shield for the fish to allow you to get the water to the fish in the right order.

About the Creator:

Fishing 2 Online is created by 2Play. 2Play creates casual games in multiple categories. They have also created the following games: Fishing Online,

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Play Fishing 2 Online for free on our website. Fishing 2 Online is the second version of the popular physics game. Save the characters by removing the pins. But beware to remove the right pins, otherwise, your character may not sruvive.
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