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Play the best Pull The Pin games for free. We have collected the most popular Pull The Pin games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Pull The Pin games such as Fishdom, Pull The Pin, Water Flow, Pull Pins, Fishing Online, . Choose a Pull The Pin game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Pull The Pin games are logic puzzle games that emphasize a player's common sense and knowledge of science and the natural world. They feature visual challenges that require the player to have a high degree of problem-solving ability and hand-eye coordination. They're similar to sorting games that require players to sort balls, water or other materials by color into containers. In fact, some Pull The Pin games task a player with pulling pins to fill containers with certain colors or amounts of materials.

Historically, academics and philosophers, members of royalty and educated tradespeople primarily played complex logic puzzle games. Although the author Charles Dodgson (Lewish Carroll) is often credited with formally introducing the masses to the idea of calling them "logic games" when he published his book "The Game of Logic" in 1886, his games often strictly involved math. Additionally, logic games already existed in other settings. Church, carnival, fair, roadside and street games often presented people with common sense, guessing, logic, sorting and spatial awareness games similar to Pull The Pin.

Game Play

Pull The Pin games usually require a player to pull pins to complete tasks for an in-game character, rescue someone, help two people find or restore love, or test the player's cognition and IQ via sorting puzzles and science experiments. In-game stories commonly feature adventurers, knights, royal figures or animals who need help finding or gaining something. Players pull pins to help them bypass obstacles and reach their goals. They review pin locations, think about real-world gravity and physics, and consider possible outcomes that might happen based on their decisions.

Any of the four types of play might appear mixed together in one of these games. A knight might need a player to pull pins to help him reach treasure and save a princess. Some Pull The Pin games focus almost entirely on save-the-princess or save-the-cute-animal tropes. A player might also need to pull pins to help one or more animals reach food or water.

With love-related games, players often help pink, or red, and blue stickman people or anthropomorphic balls commonly found in casual run games. They must also deal with obstacles such as deadly traps, enemy soldiers, monsters and villains. They might even craft solutions, such as combining water and fire or molten lava to create steam or rocks.

In science-themed games, players typically estimate the amount of something in a container, such as balls, candy, liquid or sand, and pull pins to direct the material through an environment or into another container. With containers, their goal is to fill a container entirely or use the material to complete one or more tasks.

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    5. Fishing Online

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