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Play the best Suika games for free. We have collected the most popular Suika games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Suika games such as Merge Fruit, Put The Fruit Together, Fruit Merge, Watermelon Merge, Suika Game, . Choose a Suika game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Suika games are strategic, physics-based, logic-puzzle games that share similarities with popular sliding-tile merge games. Although a Chinese game developer released Merge Big Watermelon in January 2021 based on the concept of merging two identical types of fruit to create a larger type until the eventual formation of a watermelon, a later-released similar Japanese game, Suika Game (Watermelon Game), created a worldwide obsession with this genre.

Game Play

All Suika games feature some type of narrow container (i.e., cardboard box, measuring cup, paper bag or walled-in countertop) and pieces of or whole objects (i.e., anthropomorphic or realistic fruits, bombs, bubbles or cats). An object appears above a horizontal line near the top of the container. It typically has a vertical white aiming line beneath it. The player slides the object to the left or right and then drops it into the container. They continue to drop objects and merge pairs of identical ones to create new ones until they achieve the largest object possible without the container overflowing with stacked objects or an object falling out of it.

The objects drop like heavy stones or bounce and roll like balls or balloons. Objects in the container might continuously bounce, shake, roll or perform other actions that displace their positions. The player must anticipate these movements. For example, a small object like a blueberry might unrealistically displace a larger object like a melon, or a large object might act like a balloon and slowly lift into the air. The player can typically prepare each drop ahead because of a preview of the next object. Some games also provide limited match-3-style boosters that allow the player to make unique moves, such as removing all of the same objects that block merges.

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Our fun collection of Suika games includes Dino Fusion: Bubble Evolution, Fit Cats, Merge Fruit, Merge Melons, SSRB Ball Suika, Suika Watermelon Game and Watermelon Suika. We're always looking for new, popular Suika games and update our site daily.


What are the most popular Suika Games?

    1. Merge Fruit
    2. Put The Fruit Together
    3. Fruit Merge
    4. Watermelon Merge
    5. Suika Game

Which Suika Games can be played for free?

    1. Squishy Fruits
    2. Bubble Merge
    3. Watermelon Suika
    4. SSRB Ball Suika
    5. Merge Melons