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Jigsaw Games are a subcategory of tiling puzzle games. Ancient civilizations often struggled with finding ways to create long-lasting, colorful imagery to decorate floors and walls. They used gems, glass, pottery, shell, stone and other materials as tiles with mortar to create mosaics on surfaces.

This artform continues through not only modern mosaics but also tiling puzzles that task a person with placing and connecting small shapes to reconstruct an original image. The game always features an image on a surface and cut into pieces with a jigsaw or similar tool.

In the 1700s (18th century), a trend emerged in the world. People would paint a picture on thin wood, cut the wood into irregularly shaped small pieces, and ask someone, often a child, to reconstruct the unknown picture by fitting together the pieces. A cartographer named John Spilbury decided to teach students about cartography and geography by turning maps into these puzzles ("Dissected Maps).

Eventually, other entrepreneurs created and sold jigsaw puzzles. These tiling games became so popular as relaxing ways to spend time and keep the mind sharp that video game makers decided to tap into the popularity of these puzzles and released virtual jigsaw games.

Game Play

In Jigsaw Games, a player selects the size and difficulty level of the image they wish to recreate based on the number of pieces in the puzzle (typically between six and hundreds of pieces). They then attempt to reconstruct it. They might review the original image for help or recreate it without a guide.

The player usually starts by connecting the edge pieces first to create a frame. They use the shapes of the pieces and the colors and shapes on the top of the pieces to guide them. After they finish a frame, they complete the center sections. Many games allow them to ask for a hint or rotate or shuffle pieces to find connection points.

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