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Moto X3M

Race Motorcycles

Moto X3M is the trials game for motorbikes. The controls are easy: Throttle, brake and lean left or right. Try to go through all levels as fast as possible, make flips and do other stunts for extra style points. The game features more than 50 levels. Each unique in their own way. Some levels have traps and other levels are full of loops, jumps and other obstacles. Each level is thrilling to play.

Are you a real motocrosser?

With this game, you can test your cross skills. Watch out that you don't fall! If you blink your eyes once your headfirst into the ground. Will you conquer all levels?

Top game

Moto X2M is one of bubbleshooter's top games, we have selected this game with our team of players and are happy that we can present this gem of a motocross game to our players

Moto X3M is an exhilarating bike-racing game set in a beach landscape. A player's only objective is to skillfully help a dirt-bike rider reach the end of a dangerous racecourse unscathed and with the best possible time based on speed and the stunts they perform on the course.

Along sand-covered hills, rocky cliffs and torch-lit caverns, the player must navigate the rider over and through some of the harshest, deadliest obstacles ever seen on a racecourse, including heavy, metal barrels; construction debris and platforms; strange, gravity-defying natural and manmade formations; massive, spiked gears, loops and strips; and explosive boxes under rickety wooden structures.

If the rider dies, the game resets to the last save point on the course for that level. For the fastest times, the player receives up to three stars that they can collect to buy an upgraded bike and rider. The two other characters are a ninja-style rider on a red bike and a skeleton rider similar to Marvel's Ghost Rider.

How to play:

Race along the course as quickly as possible. Watch out for obvious and hidden obstacles. Use moving objects along with skillful tactics and dirtbike stunts to navigate around, across and through each obstacle.


Keyboard: Press the WASD or arrow keys to direct the rider and bike. To apply gas and accelerate, press the W or Up Arrow key. To break, press the S or Down Arrow key. To make the rider lean back and slow, press the A or Left Arrow key. To make the rider lean forward and flip the bike, press the D or Right Arrow key.
Mouse: This game isn't designed to work with a mouse beyond using it to click settings buttons.
Mobile: This game isn't designed to work with a touchscreen or touchpad except to tap settings buttons.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Moto X3M is created by MadPuffers. MadPuffers creates online games. They have created some of the biggest hit titles in the popular app stores. Now also available for web. They have also created the following games:

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Play Moto X3M, the extreme bike race game. Conquer all hill, levels, loops and other obstacles and become the ultimate Moto 3XM racer!
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