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Dirt Bike Racing Duel


Dirt Bike Racing Duel offers one or two players at a time the ability to speed to the finish line on the back of a dirt bike while traveling through a wide range of diverse, realistic environments in countries across seven continents. Environments include canyons, construction sites and even specific major cities.

In both singleplayer and two-player modes, a player must deal with a variety of obstacles during a race, including explosive barrels, narrow ramps and missing sections of track. In singleplayer mode, they must reach the finish line as quickly as possible. In two-player mode, they must arrive at the finish line first. They lose the race against their own top score or another player if they crash because of obstacles or poor maneuvering on the course.

The game offers players plenty of obstacles and fun, increasingly difficult gameplay across new levels. Each player also earns stars for the fastest times and score points. They make money throughout each level while they race based on their star and score achievements. For example, if they achieve two stars, they earn 200 coins. If they achieve a score of 400 or more points, they earn 150 coins. They can then use their winnings to mod and upgrade their bike in the game's Garage to improve the overall design, speed and tilt.

How to play:

Select a racing character and dirt bike. Apply the gas and move forward. Use ramps and obstacles to aid in forward movement and momentum. To prevent crashes, use less gas when faced with short jumps and lengths of track.


Keyboard: Press the W or Up Arrow key to use the gas and move the dirt bike forward. Press the S or Down Arrow key to brake. For balance, use the A and D or Left and Right Arrow keys. With two-player mode, divide the keys so that one player uses only the WASD keys and the other player uses only the Arrow keys.
Mobile: This game isn't designed to work with a touchscreen or trackpad.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Dirt Bike Racing Duel is created by RHM Interactive. RHM Interactive is a game studio from Estonia. They create high-quality web games. They have also created the following games: Basket Random, Pocket League 3D,
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