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Highway Traffic


One of the most exciting games available is highway traffic! This racing game is intended for those who like racing in busy regions! If you enjoy driving in heavy traffic, this game is ideal for them.
The primary purpose of this highway traffic racing game is to avoid other heavy traffic, get more points, and upgrade your new modern cars.
This racing game marks a turning point in the genre of never-ending arcades. Drive your car, earn money, enhance it, and buy a new one.

You start by choosing a car of your preference; at first, only one car is available for free the rest you have to buy. You have several vehicles you can purchase.

There are four modes of gameplay: one-way, two-way, time attack, and speed bomb.

You can select three weather modes in each mode: sunny, night, or rainy.
In one way, as the name suggests, you are placed on a one-way highway, so all vehicles on the road are going in the same direction as you are. You are placed on a two-way highway so that some vehicles will go in the opposite direction.
In time attack mode, the highway is one-way traffic, but you race against time this time, so your goal is always to be at high speed.

On speed bomb, it's a little bit interesting as you drive a bus with a time bomb activated when you slow down, so you have to be at high speed to prevent the bomb from exploding.

Your score is determined by total distance covered, near miss, time above 100km/h, and opposite direction.

How to play:

Accelerate your car on the highway to get speed points, and avoid hitting any vehicle. Get more points by driving in the opposite direction of the traffic, having near misses, and maintaining high speed throughout. It's game over when you hit a car or run out of time in case of a time attack or when the bomb explodes if you are playing speed bomb mode.


Use D-pad to control the vehicle. Tap left direction to move left. Tap the right direction to move right. Tap up direction to accelerate. Tap down the direction to slow down. Tap the space bar to hit handbrakes. Jump to top

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Play Highway Traffic. One of the most exciting games available is highway traffic! This racing game is intended for those who like racing in busy regions
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