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Hill Climber

Race Hill Racer

Hill Climber is an online game with players "climbing hills without touching the ground." The player must climb these hills with character and reach the top to complete a level. Going back down the mountain they just climbed is impossible, so they must time their jumps correctly and carefully to avoid falls.
It is a game that is playable both online and offline. Each time a player completes an entire level, a new one is opened for them to continue playing on. This game does not have graphics or sound effects; it's all about the player using their imagination and focusing on the task at hand.
The game has a relatively simple system, and its basic principles are easy to grasp. Players can enjoy the experience of playing this game at their own pace so that players may show off their skills to their friends. Players will likely be able to play for a long time before reaching the top of that last hill and the ending scene. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to hone their skills and get better at playing games.

How to play:

Move your character around the hills you have entered. When it is time to make a jump, stop moving and press the "jump" key or touch the screen. To quickly make another jump, press that key or touch the screen within about a second after you start moving. Some hills are steep and challenging, so try climbing the minor steps first. If you fall from a high degree, try dropping from more miniature stages to see whether or not you can manage to climb down all of them and go further. The goal is to climb as many steps as possible and reach the top of the hill.


* While playing, use the arrow keys to move your character.
* When climbing hills, you must touch the screen lightly to make a jump. If you don't feel or press the "jump" key too often within a short time, you might fall and be eliminated from the play area.
* You can skip levels by selecting them with the "Escape" button; however, once a story is set, it is not ignored anymore.
* Press "Escape" to take a screenshot of your high score.

Release Date:

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Hill Climber, the original hill climbing game. Race with your car and go as far as you can. Buy powerups to upgrade your vehicle.
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