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Color Tunnel


If you want to find a mobile friendly, challenging platformer that also challenges your speed and sight, download and play Color Tunnel. Color Tunnel is an online mobile parkour game. It is made to challenge your hand and eye coordination, as well as your patience and speed. There are many levels to the game, in which your goal is to move forward in a classic platforming style, But through a trippy, colorful tunnel. Primarily, the idea is to get through the tunnel without being hit. You are dodging traps and objects by moving side to side. The traps are indicated ahead of time, by showing the player a bright red warning, so they don't ever come out of nowhere. The beginning of the experience sees the player moving at a kind of leisurely pace, and the dangerous objects fly at the player normally, giving you a decent amount of time to dodge. This is when the true challenge sets in. You soon find out that you are being prepared for something more extreme. The further you move, the faster you go. Once you make it through the tunnel, you've won the round. The more levels you beat, the more challenges you unlock. Mostly, the new challenges are alternate paths, with different things to dodge. Color Tunnel is very family friendly, so feel free to let your kids have a go. The game also has a high score feature, so you can challenge your family and friends to see who can survive in the tunnel the longest! Color Tunnel is a great way to pass the time, whether you are waiting for someone, or just want to take personal time to relax. The game does involve bright colors and trippy sequences, so be careful if you or your kids suffer from seizures.

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Play Color Tunnel, the 3d tunnel game where you have to get as far as you can. Color Tunnel is a fast pacing 3D game.
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