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Bubble Sorting

When you first log on to the bubble sorting web page, you will encounter a black screen with a play button in the middle. To the right of the screen, other games are displayed along with advertisements. Once you hit the play button, you will get a message that reads the game will start in 30 seconds. A survey will also be displayed in the middle of the screen and you have an option to skip the survey. Once the game starts, the black screen turns a yellowish-orange color and there is a play button on this screen. Once that play button is tapped, the bubble sorting game appears. Bubble sorting is displayed across the top of the game, there is a play button in the middle, and on the bottom, there are various colored ball-shaped bubbles. 
Once the play button is pushed, the game then gives the player the options of what level they would like to play on. The player then chooses the level that they would like to play on and the next screen gives the player the rules of the game. Once the player reads the rules and clicks the play button, the following screen is the play screen. On this screen is when the player begins to play the game actively. There are five cylindrical containers displayed on the screen. The first three are filled with different colored bubbles and the other two are empty for the bubbles to be placed in. 
Bubble Sorting

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Play bubble sorting online, the game where you have to sort all bubbles by color in the right tube. Can you complete all levels in this game?