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Tricky Shapes

The online game Tricky Shapes is one of the best ways I spend my free time while still having fun. The best part was I didn't have to learn anything new, yet the challenging game was still fun.
Say goodbye to Tetris's outdated timer with dropping shapes, and hello to the Tricky Shapes style. As a new player, it starts out fairly easy:
The game starts with one big square with a grid of smaller squares that is blank.
Underneath, there are different shapes made up of tiny squares that must all fit perfectly into the square grid above. I tend to visualize for as long as I need in order to imagine where these shapes will fill the square in and then, place them where they belong. Sometimes I can spend days stuck on a level and other days, I get it first try. As mentioned earlier, the rounds do start off very simple but increase in complexity with each round completed.
The simple start will be helped me understand the game quite easily upon the first impression, but the increasing difficulty kept me from ever getting bored.
Tricky Shapes

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Play Tricky Shapes, place all the shapes on the field to go to the next level. The levels will get more challenging and the shapes will; become more tricky.