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Panelore is a great game. It is a bit of a brain teaser. At first a player may think of a famous block game from back in the nineties, but rest assured, it is nothing like that. Though the movement may be limited to just side-to-side, it is not limited to how far left or right a block can go. Thinking ahead is always a great way to win a game, so having a strategic mindset is a plus. But even if you do not, this game will surely get a person in that range of thinking. Quick and critical thinking is a must with this game. being able to spot the next move even 5 moves ahead or more will enable a player to achieve the most basic goal; to win. A sense of self accomplishment will full a player with joy and have them coming back for more.

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Play Panelore, the block game that trains your brain. Panelore is free to play on our website without any download.