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Love Balls

Puzzle Drawing

Connect the lines in love balls. Give the 2 balls some love by creating a path for them to touch each other.
Love Balls is a puzzle game that utilizes physics to beat every level. The content is appropriate for players of all ages to play. There are ads, however, that frequently pop up that may be more inappropriate. Be sure to monitor the ads if children are playing.

Love Balls is based on conquering various levels. This keeps all players excited and stimulated as they have an end goal to work towards. The goal most players want to achieve is in conquering the level they are on and eventually conquering all of the levels of the game.

This game is available as a mobile application download on the Apple store or Google Play store. It is also available to play online. Any version of the game is free to play, offering a great incentive for trying the game for yourself.

There are options to spend money in the game, so this will need to be carefully monitored. Players can spend money to play the game without ads. This will tune out the annoying ads, but will prove costly. Ads can be useful on the game as watching ads allows players to earn new balls, backgrounds and pens.

This game is very simplistic as the graphics are all done over a white grid background. The scenes are also very simplistic graphics, which do not cause confusion or overwhelming information for each level. The balls and drawing required are also very simple, further emphasizing no overstimulation. It would be fun to see more exciting graphics in the future, however, for the various levels.

Love Balls is a great game for players of all ages. Anyone will enjoy playing this simple game in which you have to decide if the two ball characters will meet by your drawing. The fate of each level truly lies in your hands, adding to the excitement and pressure of conquering each level. Try the game for yourself to learn how fun of a game this truly is.

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Connect the lines in love balls. Make the balls fall in love.
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