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Friday Night Funkin


Play the original Friday Night Funkin. Show your dance moves and complete all levels and become the dancing master in this friday night funkin game. Free to play.

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game to win freestyle music battles against other players. Your girlfriend's father is a constant source of frustration because he may never accept you as a suitable suitor for his daughter.

You play the role of the "Boyfriend" in Friday Night Funkin, a colorful and melodic mashup that brings together several concepts. Your knees will weaken, and your heart will race as you experience the thrill of Friday night and the anxiety of meeting the father of your significant other.

The game has several weeks, or stages, with three songs. In most formats, the player meets a new foe every week; others include more than one foe at a time.

The user can choose between three difficulties each week: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The arrows come at you faster and in more intricate patterns as the difficulty rises.

The player's highest weekly score on each difficulty level is recorded and displayed in the top right corner of the week selection screen.

The game features two play styles: a story campaign in which songs are played in a predetermined order and a free play mode in which the player can freely choose from any available songs.

Let's give a background on the creators of the game. For Ludum Dare 47 in October 2020, Ninjamuffin99 put together a small team of Newgrounds creators to make a prototype of Friday Night Funkin.

This prototype featured only a few music tracks and no menus. The prototype was met with unexpected success, and numerous requests were made for an entire game despite its simplistic design. In response, ninjamuffin99 said he was thinking about adding new content to the game.

On November 1, 2020, Ninjamuffin99 would release a new demo version with many new features, including a second week and another battle.

After receiving much attention on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch, the game became increasingly popular and swiftly rose to prominence on Newgrounds.

Kawai Sprite, the game's soundtrack composer, has offered the soundtrack free to stream on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Because of its open-source nature, the game has a thriving modding community that often adds new, user-created features. Currently, the game is popular and has a large fanbase.

How to play:

In this game, the player must imitate the enemy's singing by pressing the corresponding arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys in sync with the enemy's note pattern.

Some songs feature more intricate patterns, such as when one player's pattern deviates from their opponent's or when the two singers harmonize. That's why listening to music is essential to learn the patterns.

For skills improvement, each new week should begin on the Easy difficulty setting, then progress to Normal, and ultimately Hard.

Progressing through the game's weeks is all about honing your skills via practice. New features, singing contests against The Father, and personalities who can help you or hinder your pursuit of the girl are unveiled each week.


Mouse: Press WASD or the arrow keys to move in line with the enemy's move.
Mobile: Tap on the arrow keys to sync with the enemy's note pattern.

Release Date:

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Play the original Friday Night Funkin. Show your dance moves and complete all levels and become the dancing master in this friday night funkin game. Free to play.
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