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Playing games online are not only fun to do, but they also relieve stress many people face on a daily basis. That's how it is when they play Craftmine. This guide will show people how to play so they can get involved with all the gaming excitement.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to get across the water before the player dies. They have to build mines to get across safely. If they click on the wrong button, then a notice will come up saying that it's not the right move to make.

Instructions for the Game

Each time players play the game, the game is a different setting and they have to click on different things. Be observant and players need to look around for any directions before they play the game. Click to play, and then click new game after any instructions have been read. The instructions may have them type a letter to jump and move, but the rest they have to figure out for themselves. Other instructions may have players collect certain objects before they can play. Take a picture of it. This way players can remember what to do because the instructions do not show up during the game.

Playing the Game

Once instructions have been looked over, click on new game to start playing. Keep in mind that as they play this game, they have to work fast to have the person survive. If it is left alone, the little person in the game dies and players have the option to play again. If they choose to play again, they will be faced with a different setting for the second time they play, type A to move backward, D to move forward, and W is to jump. Click on the left mouse button to interact and kill the bad guys. Remember if they don't act fast, they die so be sure to think quickly. Be aware of obstacles along the way.

This game is a difficult game to play. It may take some people a few minutes to learn how to play. It's tricky, but it's fun once players get the hang of it. This game teaches new players to use their critical thinking skills and teaches them to act fast to avoid getting killed. It's one of those games that will get addicting after playing for the first time.

How to play:

Mine all the resources and craft items to become more powerful.


Keyboard: Arrow keys to move, click to mine.
Mobile: On-screen arrow keys to move, tap to mine.

Release Date:

October 2020

About the Creator:

Craftmine is created by DAB3Games. DAB3Games develops arcade, adventure, and puzzle games. They are known for their high-quality games. They have also created the following games: Happy Glass 2,

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Play Craftmine, mine the elements and craft items. Survive the beasts and try to survive as many days as possible. You will need food, water and stay warm.
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