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Treasures Of Atlantis

Match 3

Treasures of Atlantis is an aquatic themed bubble shooter game. The goal is to reach the next level by getting the puzzle pieces to the bottom of the screen. This is achieved by matching three or more bubbles of the same color, which then pop and move various pieces on the board. The gameplay is very smooth with soothing soft rock music that plays in the background. Overall this game is a great way to take a break, relax, and solve some puzzles.

The Treasures of Atlantis online game is a great option for those looking for a break in their day but want a good challenge! I found this game required me to really focus on finding patterns on the screen. To play, you need to click on two bubbles next to each other to switch places to make a group, or row of three or more of the same color, in order to eliminate them. The main goal by removing bubbles is to move the puzzle-like pieces down to the bottom to complete the puzzle in the upper left corner of the screen. The completed puzzle shows a treasure found in the ocean scene. You will hear sounds as you click and eliminate bubbles, and there is also peaceful background music that you can listen to as you play. You also have the option to turn off all sounds. A timer ticks down while you play, and if you complete the puzzle before time is up, then you level up. Also as you level up, more challenges will be presented, such as locks on the bubbles that don�t allow you to move certain pieces. I really like the challenge of being timed to encourage me to make quick decisions! I had to play several times to hone my skills to last longer in the game. I really liked this game, and will be back to play it again very soon!

About the Creator:

Treasures Of Atlantis is created by htmlgames. Htmlgames is a casual game developer, they excel in bubble shooter and match 3 games. They have also created the following games: Ghost Bubbles, Dragon Bubble, Forest Bubble Shooter, Monkey Island, Squirrel Bubble Shooter, Runes Of Mystery, Pet Link,

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Play Treasures Of Atlantis for free. Match all Atlantis treasures by making combinations of 3 or more. Finish all levels in this match 3 adventure.
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