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Tomb Of The Mask


Tomb of the Mask is an infinite, dungeon-crawl, maze game with nostalgic, classic arcade music and a black background. It features a cute, pixelated yellow character navigating short and long labyrinths by wearing an ancient, magical mask that allows it to cling to and climb walls.
The player's primary objective is to help the character tour each labyrinth without dying while the game makes the mazes increasingly difficult with a variety of deadly challenges and obstacles, including spikes, enemies and traps. At times, the game fills the screen from the bottom with a wall of water or energy, a light field, to kill the character. The player must also take care to not move the character too quickly or risk slamming into a wall at too high a speed, which also causes death.

The game offers two modes: Map (Stage-Based) and Arcade (Endless).
In the Map Mode, the player moves through levels or stages. New stages only unlock after the player finishes a previous stage. Similar to Pac-Man, Tomb of the Mask requires that the player navigate the masked character through paths made up of pellets called dots and collect coins. If they perform well enough during each level, the game awards them with three gold stars and gives them access to a spin wheel that supplies additional coins as treasure.

In the Arcade Mode, the player starts playing and keeps going for as long as possible until the character dies. Their stats are added to a leaderboard. This version is incredibly difficult because a light field moves vertically up the screen immediately instead of at later stages. The good news is that the game doesn't reset back to the beginning if the character dies. Additionally, Arcade gives the character access to a Freeze treasure that temporarily stops the deadly light filling the screen.

How to play:

Run the character through a labyrinth to either reach an exit or continue as long as possible. Collect all the dots and coins along the way. Watch out for spiked walls and other dangerous obstacles. Strategically maneuver the character on straight paths away from danger.


Keyboard: Tomb of the Mask requires a keyboard and use of the WASD or arrow keys during labyrinth gameplay. Use the W or Up Arrow key to move up, A or Left Arrow key to move left, S or Down Arrow key to move down and D or Right Arrow key to move right.
Mouse: This game doesn't work entirely with a mouse. Use the mouse to click buttons to perform non-labyrinth functions, such as turn off the sound and music, switch between modes and accept treasure or lives to start over.
Mobile: This game doesn't work entirely with a touch screen or pad. Tap buttons onscreen with a fingertip or stylus to perform non-labyrinth functions.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Tomb Of The Mask is created by Kiz10. Kiz10 creates casual games, like platform games, bubble shooter games, and adventure games. They have also created the following games: Super Mario Rush 2, Super Mario Rush, Wings Rush 2, Ultimate Mario Run, Wings Rush, Where Is The Water, Super Mario vs Wario Online, Tomb Of The Mask Neon,

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Play Tomb Of The Mask. Tomb Of The Mask is a fast paced platform puzzle game. Get to the exit in a levels in this great adventure.
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