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Red ball Forever

Platform Red ball

This is the new red ball forever with 75 complete new free to play levels. The goal is to get to the end of each level. This sounds easier then it is. Each levels is filled with obstacles, water, special jump stages and more. The further you go the harder it gets. This is the ultimate red ball game you can find and one of our top picks!
Red ball forever
This is red ball forever.


The game features a whopping 75 levels. You can play new levels by unlocking them. You will unlock the next level when you have finished the current level. By collecting stars you earn star points. You will need those star points later to unlock new level packs. So be sure to collect as many stars you can. Collect stars
Collect these stars.

You will need 5.000 star points to unlock the first level pack, 20k to unlock the second pack, 50k to unlock the third pack and 100k to unlock the last pack.
Levels in red ball forever
These are all the levels in red ball forever.


Controls in red ball forever
The controls in red ball.
The controls are easy, if you play on a computer or mac you can move the ball with the arrow keys or WASD. Up is jump, right and left to move. If you are on mobile or tablet you can just tap and hold on the screen to move or tap on the top to jump.


If you progress the higher levels the game gets more difficult. You must use obstacles to clear some jumps or get to the stars. Make good use of them to get to those difficult spots. The most common obstacle is the box. You can move it by rolling on to it. It then moves the side you push it to.
Obstacles in red ball forever
The box, a common obstacle in Red ball.

Endless Mode

If you complete all the levels then you unlock the endless mode. In endless mode you can keep going on and on, endless! This special mode is fun to use if you have completed the game.
Endless mode
The endless mode is as the name suggest, endless! Funto play if you completed all levels but want to continue playing red ball.

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Red ball forever is a game where you must guide the red ball through all 75 levels. Roll the ball by tapping or clicking. Avoid objects, solve puzzles and roll your way to the end. You need to unlock stars to go to the next level.
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