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Super Lule Mario


Super Lule Mario is an online game that can be played for almost anyone of any skill level. The games have good graphics and when you very first start the game it lets you know that you need to use the directional pad in order to move the player. It lets the user know this before the game has begun so that the user is prepared. The First thing that a user will do when playing the Super Lule Mario game is to select what level they want to play. This is done by walking up to the tube and going down the tube with the number of level you want to play. You press the up button on your keyboard to get on top of the tube then once you are on the tube you want you will then press the down arrow to go down the tube and select that level. Once you start on the first level you will want to jump to break apart the boxes. When you hit them with your head they will break apart. Some of the boxes have coins in them. When you hit a box with coins in it with your head you will collect the coins. In Super Lule Mario there are some coins out on the ground to get those you just need to walk over to them and keep walking past them and you will collect them. There are little bad guys that look like walking mushrooms to kill those guys and get some points you need to jump on top of their heads. However, the player needs to be careful because there are other bad guys that are not as easy to beat. There is a spikey turtle shell that if bumped into you then you die.

How to play:

Get ready for a classic adventure with our brave hero as he tries to rescue Lili, a young princess trapped in a castle. There are five worlds to reach the princess, and there are many enemies and obstacles in the way.


Use your arrow keys to move and jump.

Release Date:

August 2021

About the Creator:

Super Lule Mario is created by Rungames.org. Rungames.org creates run and platform games. Their games are played many times on our website. They have also created the following games: Hot Dog Bush,

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Play Super Lule Mario, the endless runner mario game. Avoid all obstacles and collect all coins in this great game.
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