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Ultimate Mario Run


Ultimate Mario Run is an enthralling HTML5 version game that keeps you entertained and hooked at the same time. It is available online on your mobile or computer, giving possibilities to play at home or on the move with the same quality graphics. The game takes inspiration from the Super Mario Bros game but adds a unique twist to the fun.

There is no time to rest unless you are in pause mode. Every second counts as you play the Ultimate Mario Run game online. You have to help Mario avoid the perturbing Chain Chomp Shark with its sharp teeth while overcoming various obstacles in the way. Your eyes will not only be at the Chain Chomp Shark, but also the dangerous obstacles that make the Ultimate Mario Run enlivening and difficult enough to get the best from you in a real-like situation.

Kiz10, the Ultimate Mario Run developer, put a lot of thought into the graphics and entertainment aspects of the game. Featuring five dangerous stages, you have to use your talents to the best of your ability to navigate the challenging restrictive situations to defeat the monster and reach the castle safely to win the game. Controls are highly responsive, giving you a real-time experience as you avoid the monster and jump over the obstacles.

The game�s clean design keeps you focused on winning every level. You do not have a lot of controls to worry about as you play the game. You use the left and right arrows to run and up arrows to jump over obstructions, giving you a no-look at controls playing experience. The design ensures that you give full attention to completing the game as you have fun.

How to play:

Five dangerous stages are available to help Mario as he is pursued by the ferocious Chain Chomp Shark. You will have to overcome various obstacles while avoiding enemies. Reach the castle safely and defeat the monster at the end. Have fun and use your abilities to the best of your ability to get out of the restrictive situation.


Left, Right arrow keys to run Up - jump.

Release Date:

February 2019

About the Creator:

Ultimate Mario Run is created by Kiz10. Kiz10 creates casual games, like platform games, bubble shooter games, and adventure games. They have also created the following games: Super Mario Rush 2, Super Mario Rush, Super Mario vs Wario Online,

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Play Ultimate Mario Run. Ultimate Mario Run is an enthralling HTML5 version game that keeps you entertained and hooked at the same time.
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