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Pool Rush

Sports Pool

Pool Rush is a pool game where one can play one-player and multiplayer games. Play on four different tables, ranging from easy to hard. The game aims to knock every ball into a pocket before it comes down the table lower than your cue ball's position. When shooting, the player has three seconds to pocket all balls on the table before they sink into the pockets. When playing multiplayer games, the player who wins the most points is the winner.

The gameplay is straightforward. At the bottom of the screen, the balls on the table will still be visible. Each ball is assigned a number. Cue balls are positioned on the left, while on the right are the opponents' cue balls' positions if they're in multiplayer mode. Clicking on a ball makes it become selected.

Once a ball is selected, have three seconds to shoot it into a pocket, which can be done by dragging your mouse with the left button to specify the direction you want to shoot it. Just like regular pool games, Pool Rush offers multiple ways to pocket balls. One can choose from shooting at angles or curve shots. To use any of these options, they'll need special balls visible at the bottom of the screen.

How to Play:

Like regular pool games, it's also possible to split or make all the remaining balls disappear by clicking on them when they're in a certain position.

In multiplayer mode, it's possible to play with one or two players. This can be selected by clicking on the cogwheel button next to the play button on the main screen. The first player that joins the game becomes player 1, while other players that join later become player 2 and so forth.


The left and right arrow keys allow one to select the cue ball.

The up and down arrow keys allow the next or previous ball selection.

The space bar is used to shoot the ball while pressing the left mouse button. The left button also moves your player around the table to see where the best position is for shooting each time.

About the Creator:

Pool Rush is created by FRVR. FRVR is a large game studio located in Malta, they have made some of the best online games. Their games guarantee a long play time. They have also created the following games: Hex FRVR, Bubble Shooter FRVR, Mahjong, Trim FRVR, Solitaire FRVR, Spider Solitaire FRVR, Gold Digger FRVR, Lines FRVR,

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Play Pool Rush. Pool Rush is a pool game where one can play one-player and multiplayer games. Play on four different tables, ranging from easy to hard.
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