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Crazy Flips 3D


Crazy Flips 3D is a one-player game with a character determined to defy the laws of gravity. The game is surprisingly accurate in the character anatomy and environment physics of someone jumping from a cliff onto a tiny target, but that's what makes it such an addictive challenge.

The character controls are just the left mouse button timed press and release actions.

How to Play

Pressing and holding the left click at the start causes the character to squat down in a launching position.
Releasing the left click launches the character into the air towards the target or over an obstacle.
Pressing and holding the left click while the character is in the air causes the character to tuck into an air-borne flip.
While the character is flipping into its landing, releasing the left mouse button positions the character into its landing stance.

How to Win

The game rewards 100 points per time the character flips in the air if it lands in a standing position. Each square of the tiny targets is worth individual points, depending on how difficult it is to land. Successfully pass each level when the character achieves the goal number of points.

Each level has bonus challenges, like landing on an obstacle or crash landing after jumping over a bridge!

About the Creator:

Crazy Flips 3D is created by Crazygames. Crazygames is a large game publisher that hosts some of the most popular games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Spinner Pop, Block Puzzle, Bust A Move, Candy Clicker 2, Colortris, Idle Pinball Breakout, AdventNEON, Fools Match,

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Play Crazy Flips 3D. Do a backflip and lot in the spot on the ground. Crazy Flips 3D is a one-player game with a character determined to defy the laws of gravity.
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