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Candy Rain 7

Match 3

Candy Rain 7 is the 7th Edition of the Candy Rain Match 3 game under the puzzle category. Ideally, the player is tasked with matching three or more candies to earn points per level. To play the game, the player has to start at level one and unlock other subsequent levels on the candy trail once they complete a level. Each level has a task or a goal and is usually announced before the start of the level. Furthermore, each level has a maximum number of moves within which the player has to match candies and subsequently squash them

Depending on the task provided, the player has to match 3 or more candies of similar shape to the candy in the goal description. Matching the candies will squash and remove them from the board to accommodate more candies. The rule of the game is that the player has to achieve the goal of the level by matching and squashing candies within the number of moves provided per level. If the player manages to reach the goal without completing the maximum number of moves, the rest of the moves will be automatically completed for them so that they can move to the next level.

Completing the level will earn you points per level, stars, and a total score so you can gauge your position with other gamers. The player also has only 5 lives within the game. Once lives are depleted (failing a level up to 5 times), they will have to wait for some time for their lives to be replenished so that they can play again.

How to play:

The player has to make combinations of 3 or more identical candies to squash and eliminate them. The eliminated candies will earn the player some points. The player has to eliminate targeted candies within the number of moves provided to unlock the next level. Additional power candies also help the player attain their goal quicker. The player loses a life (game over) if the provided goal is not reached.


Mouse: To match the candies, the player has to click on the selected candy and drag it either vertically or horizontally depending on their targeted spot.
Mobile: The player has to long-press the selected candy and drag it either vertically or horizontally depending on their targeted spot.

Release Date:

July 2022

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Play Candy Rain 7. The 7th version of the match 3 game Candy Rain. Match all candies and complete all levels.
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