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Bloomin Gardens

Match 3

Bloomin Gardens is another game at BubbleShooter that is sure to attract the hysteria of flower lovers throughout the entire globe. The end goal of every puzzle is to get the garden overgrown with blossoms as quickly as possible. The player gets a hand trowel to work with in order to uproot whichever plant is chosen, and then he needs to replace it somewhere else. The caveat is that there needs to be a clear path through the garden for it to be a proper move. It is a smooth game that creates a gamut of efflorescence that will be attractive to the greatest degree for the younger child who will find it entertaining. The game helps to develop mental processing skills while at the same time reinforcing computer mouse prowess. So, get those fingers ready for a workout and try your best to achieve the highest score for every given situation. There is a leaderboard when each game is over so that one will be able to monitor the daily, weekly, and monthly high scores as a comparison to their own dexterity.
Line up 5 of the same flowers and they will disperse. This brings attention to the myriad of actual plants in the real world and can develop a desire to get into the actual gardening hobby as well. A hint is that there is a preview of the upcoming blooms that can be seen in the upper right corner. This can help to prepare for up to a couple moves ahead of time.

How to play:

Line up 5 matching flowers to remove them from the board. Move the flowers to another place only if there is a clear path for them (i.e. no other flowers on the path from the previous place to the new one that could block the path). The game ends when all the flowers appear on the board. You can keep an eye on the next flowers on the right side of the screen to strategize your actions.


Release Date:

About the Creator:

Bloomin Gardens is created by Crazygames. Crazygames is a large game publisher that hosts some of the most popular games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Spinner Pop, Block Puzzle, Bust A Move, Candy Clicker 2, Colortris, Idle Pinball Breakout, AdventNEON, Fools Match,

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Play Bloomin gardens. Match all blooms and make large combos.
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