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Sweet World

Match 3

You are sure to fall in love with this candy puzzle type of game. Begin exploring Sweet World today, swipe then match delicious-looking candies to generate crispy explosions and unveil interesting boosters and rewards. Sweet World is exciting and fun to play, but it�s challenging to master. Match not less than three similar candies to create a boom and crush them. Beat the target score and gather candy to ascend to the following level.

Sweet World is a match-3 puzzle game that explores a world made of the sweetest treats. The player progresses level by level through this world by completing tasks related to matching and clearing candies from rows on a play board filled with mixed up colors and types of candies.

The player must match three or more specific types of candies in a straight horizontal or vertical line to clear them from the board. They must also collect a specific number of certain candies each level to achieve their in-game, assigned goals.

Throughout Sweet World gameplay, the player receives coins that they can use to buy boosters, candies labeled with a lightning bolt, stripes or other markings, that help them clear the board faster in different ways. They also receive daily rewards in gift boxes, special bonuses and extra rewards for meeting certain overreaching goals, such as collecting more than a 1,000 of a particular type of candy over various levels. They earn more achievements if they complete these goals within as few moves as possible.

How to play:

Look for two matching candies on the same horizontal or vertical row locate next to each other or separated by one move. Look for a third matching candy within one move that could help form a connected line of three matching candies. Swap candies to make a line.


Mouse: To match three or more candies, click and drag one matching candy toward a non-matching one to swap the two candies. Another option: Click the matching candy once, and then click the non-matching candy.
Mobile: To match three or more candies, touch and drag the third matching candy toward the non-matching one with a fingertip or stylus across the surface of the screen or trackpad, respectively. Another option: Tap the matching candy, and then tap the non-matching one.

Release Date:

July 2021

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Play sweet world for free. Play this amazing match 3 game with sweets. Sweet world features more than 1000 levels.
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