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Chroma is a puzzle game in which players match colors on different game boards to keep the board from filling up with tiles.


Players are given several moves to play involving switching colors between overlapping tiles. The goal is to swap colors so that most tiles end up in their matching color and, at the same time, have enough moves left over for tile-clearing purposes. Players must be cautious because if not enough moves are left when all the tiles have fallen into matching colors, they lose and must try again after starting anew.

How To Play Chroma Game

In the Chroma game, you will be given a limited number of moves to make your game board fill up with the same color on all sides. To do this, you should swap the tiles so that the whole game board is filled up with the same color before moving on to another color so that you can complete the level. You will get four types of tools in this game: one is a swap tool, the next one is a Mix Color tool, and also there is a Flood Fill tool; these three tools let you do some different things in this game.

Swap Tool: All the tiles present under this tool will switch positions immediately. You should be careful while using this tool because if you mistakenly swap tiles of different colors, you will lose your game.

Mix Color Tool: Its primary role is to mix two or more two different colored tiles. It means that two or two tiles could be mixed into one tile. Before you use this tool: Make sure that there is a tile near it. Right-click on it. After that, select the color which you want to change into now. When you click on a Pencil tool, all the nearby tiles will change color.

Flood Fill Tool: If you select this tool from the Drawer, you will see a button marked 'Flood fill,' so click on it, and all the tiles on the game board will be changed into a single color. You should be very selective while using this tool because if you accidentally use this tool, then your game will end.

After selecting the tools, you need to indicate their quantity; after selecting them, drag them to the game board and then start your game. You must collect at least three tiles of matching color on each level before completing it.

About the Creator:

Chroma is created by Playtouch. Playtouch creates high-quality html5 games that are playable on all devices. They have also created the following games: Words Search, One More Bridge, Mahjong Big, Happy Farm Solitaire, Mahjong Pirate, Solitaire Zen, Happy Farm The Crop, 2048 Wooden Edition,

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Play Chroma. Chroma is a puzzle game in which players match colors on different game boards to keep the board from filling up with tiles.
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