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The goal is to get as many points as possible in this game. The bar on the bottom is filling up constantly in this game and that will always be the next row to go onto the grid. Some aspects of this game are somewhat similar to Tetris. Find as many pieces of the same color as you can on the grid and click on them to earn extra points and clear the grid out. The goal is to keep as few pieces as possible on the grid. If the grid fills up too much, it will be game over. You have sixty seconds to get as many points as you possibly can and time is gradually running out. The best way to learn to play this game is through actually playing it. Sometimes when you click on multiple pieces, other pieces will coincidently and conveniently fall into place. If you gain enough experience with this game, you'll be able to see what will happen ahead of time and predict what pieces will fall into place as they should.

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