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Garden Escape

Match 3

Play Garden Escape. Match all tiles and complete all levels in this match 3 game with a garden theme.

Garden Escape is a match 3 game that Mirchi Games developed. This game has been given 4.2 stars out of 5 on the App Store and is rated challenging to master. In this game, players must save their friend from a witch's clutches and flowers to restore their garden to life for all living things.

Garden Escape is considered one of the most challenging games in the App Store. Its difficulty is due to its tiles' positions on board and how they move once they're matched, which results in multiple possibilities of following moves. Therefore, the gameplay requires a lot of practice and focus on achieving your goal! Jump to top

How to play:

1. Match tiles in groups of 3 or more to create groups - When you match a tile, it will be removed from the board after every move and can't be matched again. Once you run out of moves, your turn ends, and the game advances to its next player.
2. Match tiles with the same color - If two or more tiles are matched of the same color, they'll disappear from the board. It's not possible to match 2 or more tiles with the same color, so it's recommended that you make your matches with different colors.
3. Match numbers - Match a number tile (1~9) with one or more matching tiles on board to erase any matching colored tile(s).
4. Create combos - Try to create combos by matching tiles with the same number on them.
5. Try to achieve a chain or cascade - If one or more numbers are arranged in a line, it's called a chain


1. tap on the tiles that you want to match - Tap the tiles that you want to match, and your turn ends.
2. If you use an extra move, it will cause a tile to break - If you make a match next to a broken tile, it will cause the broken tile to change into a red tile before the new match is made. It can cause even more damage in delivering points and making combos.
3. Slide to restart your turn - If you don't like your current moves, use this quick slide gesture control to restart your turn and improve on your upcoming turns! The game gives 30 seconds for every move, so use this time wisely while preparing for your next move.
4. Rewind the game - A rewind button is given only in story mode. Tap it, and the game will slow down to put you into a safe state before the game ends. Once you get the hang of the gameplay and you feel confident enough, tap that button again to go back a step in the game and build your combo-building skills up again.
5. Shuffle - Matching tiles of different colors or shapes next to each other will be impossible due to their board position, causing them to skip each other's turns or end your turn prematurely if they're locked together with another tile as its last move.

Release Date:

July 2022

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Play Garden Escape. Match all tiles and complete all levels in this match 3 game with a garden theme.
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