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8 Ball Online

Sports Pool

8 Ball Billiards: Classic is an online version of eight-ball pool. The player tests their skills in player versus computer or player versus player mode. They can also increase the difficulty level of the game from 1 (easy) to 5 (extremely difficult).

The game presents the player with a billiards table that features green baize, wood rails, six pockets, a cue ball, two cue sticks and 15 balls (a black eight ball, seven balls with solid colors and seven striped balls).

The player's goal is to pocket all the balls from one of the seven-ball sets and then the eight ball before their opponent. The game starts with a break shot to assign the solids and stripes. Once the player knows their assigned set, they attempt to hit the balls into the pockets using the cue ball and a cue stick.

If the player knocks the cue ball into a pocket, they lose a turn as a penalty. If they knock the eight ball into a pocket before their set, they automatically lose the game. When they win a game by pocketing the eight ball last, they receive a trophy.

8 Ball Billiards: Classic uses a green arrow to indicate a player's turn. It also offers a guideline to help the player determine the best angle to hit a ball. The player can turn off this tool via the settings menu.

How to play:

Select a difficulty level and play mode. Use common sense, an understanding of geometry, and the guideline to hit the cue ball against solid or striped balls. When finished pocketing the set, pocket the eight ball.


Mouse: Click buttons. To align the guideline, slide the mouse. To hit the cue ball, position the cursor above it, press the left button, slide the cursor in the direction of the stick, and then release the button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the guideline, slide the finger or stylus. To hit the cue ball, position the cursor, press the trackpad or screen, slide the cursor, and then stop pressing the surface.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

8 Ball Online is created by Famobi. Famobi is a large game developer from Germany, known for their excellent games that our users love to play. They have also created the following games: Bubble Woods, Solitaire Classic, Zoo boom, Connect Classic, Candy Bubble, Smarty Bubbles, Bubbles Shooter, Bubble Tower 3D,

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