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Play the best Snake games for free. We have collected the most popular Snake games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Snake games such as Happy Snakes, Worms Zone, Little Big Snake, Train Snake, Worm Hunt Snake Zone, . Choose a Snake game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

In Snake games, the player directs their snake to grow and survive timed play or until no other snakes remain. The player might direct other types of slithering avatars, including worms, the heads of animals or human characters with worm bodies, or objects like cubes, tiles or locomotives. The snake avatar might consume apples, food pellets, desserts, energy balls, numbered cubes or train cars.


In 1976, the two-player video game Blockade presented gamers with the idea of arena-style matches with two players competing via snake avatars. In single-player games, the player would attempt to keep their snake alive as long as possible while directing it to eat food in a confined space and extending its length. Over time, game developers combined these ideas. Modern Snake battle arenas often feature snakes eating snakes. (2016) popularized this gameplay and resulted in Snake games becoming known as slither and slither-snake games.

Historically, humans have had a fascination with snakes and consumption throughout the ages. Ancient artwork displays snakes consuming people, other animals and their own tails. One of the oldest snake games, Snake and Ladders (Ancient India), also perpetuated the idea that a person who makes wrong choices in life might cross paths with a snake and find themselves in a worse position than before. In some religions, snakes represent gluttony. Snake games often feature a gluttonous, massive snake gulping food and other snakes.

Game Play

During a game, the player directs their snake around the confined playfield or arena. If the snake impacts a wall, its own growing body, or another snake, the player loses the game. In arena matches, the player's dead snake transforms into food that other players can direct their snakes to eat.

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Our carefully curated Snake games collection of new, top and classic titles includes Cool Snakes, Google Snake,, Happy Snakes, Little Big Snake, Snake Arena, Snake Blockade,, Snake Island 3D, Snake VS Blocks,, Train Snake, and Worms Zone. We're always searching for additional games in this and other categories. Check back soon for more Snake games!


What are the most popular Snake Games?

    1. Happy Snakes
    2. Worms Zone
    3. Little Big Snake
    4. Train Snake
    5. Worm Hunt Snake Zone

Which Snake Games can be played for free?

    1. Gulper IO
    2. Snake Arena
    3. Snake VS Blocks
    4. Snake IO
    5. Tileman IO