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The Stones Of The Pharaoh

Match 3

The Stones of the Pharaoh is an exciting, puzzle-matching online game. The player aims at clearing the level by matching the blocks. The blocks have Egyptian hieroglyphic marks on top, which we to match blocks. It only allows you to move one or a pair of blocks adjacent to the one with similar marks. You strategically combine block sets and clear the screen promptly to gain points.

I love The Stones of the Pharaoh since it is a puzzle game, and I love matching puzzles. To move blocks, I click on either a pair or a single adjacent block. Once the stones clear away, the adjacent ones fall to replace the space. Once I click a vertical column, the left side blocks slide to fill the space until they cover and connect to the right-side blocks. In case I run out of adjacent matching blocks while there are blocks on the wall, the only option is to remove the single or sole block by just clicking. But, this action invokes a Tutankhamun curse which results in losing a life. So, I need to strategically plan and ensure I do not leave stand-alone blocks since I only have nine lives. The only way to advance to the next level is by clearing the entire block wall without losing all 9 lives.

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Play The Stones Of The Pharaoh, the match 3 connect game in acient Egypt. The Stones of the Pharaoh is simple, but it gets challenging as you advance to higher levels. Also, there are new block marks on various levels. The most amazing bit is, it is compatible with most Android and iOS mobile browsers.
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