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Squidgame IO


squidgame.io is a multiplayer strategy game with players fighting for control of the board by capturing and defending spaces on their map. Players can also team up to take down opponents, but they have to be careful not to let other teams swoop in and capture the territory they just won. The first player or team who captures three territories wins.

How the game works and its functions

squidgame.io is a turn-based strategy game where players can capture territories and battle against each other in teams! Players start out by choosing one of 5 factions to join, then choose which territory they want to begin. They will then be assigned an opponent faction and territory to defend against, determining the map's starting location for that round. Players will then begin in their faction's territory, with 1 Soldier and 5 Captains at their disposal. While in battle, players can choose to capture an adjacent territory (excluding water territories) or attack an enemy on the same territory! A player can only attack another territory if that territory has either not been captured by an ally or opponent, they are attacking alone (meaning no teammates are present on either side of the attack), or is owned by a team member who has taken damage in any previous battles they've participated in during this round.

Offensively, players can move their units around the map towards their enemies to take over unoccupied territories or attempt to storm their opponents' bases. Alternatively, suppose attackers feel like they have the upper hand in battle s

trength-wise. In that case, they can also camp near enemy fortresses and wait for combat outside of player control before conquering them after all defenders are eliminated. Defensively, players can place units on their territory to defend against invaders or strategically place a wall of units around their base, which will make it more difficult for enemy forces to overtake them. Players can also place defensive mines near the outer edge of their territories, exploding when enemies wander into them and damage those who dare try to take over that land. After every round is concluded, the player's squad gains reinforcements depending on how many territories they have captured and if they could successfully defend them from attackers as well! The game's objective is to capture three territories before their opponent does. The player wins by mastering the movement of their units, learning to use them both offensively and defensively! As well as choosing which territories to focus on after each round. The player can choose one of 5 factions, each with a distinctive look and play style.

The function of the game is to capture and defend territories to take out their opponents. Strategies include placing units near their enemy's land to conquer it when they're not expecting them or camping by enemy territory and waiting for combat to happen before sending in reinforcements when they least expect it. In addition, players can fight each other in teams if they wish to, but they must be careful of enemies who may attempt to take over their territory while they are not looking.

In conclusion, squidgame.io is a turn-based strategy game where players have the choice of which territories to conquer and defend, as well as choose one of 5 different factions with unique abilities! The player attempts to take out their opponent by strategically placing units near their land or camping by enemy territory to conquer them when they least expect it.

Squidgame.io is the hit game based on the popular Netflix serie. Play squidgame online and don't get cought!

How to play:

Run towards the finish, stop when the sound stops. When you move if the sound is stopped you will be eliminated. Be sure to finish first.


Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to move.

Release Date:

October 2021

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Play Squidgame online for free! Squidgame.io is the hit game based on the popular Netflix serie. Play squidgame online and don't get cought!
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