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Spot the difference 2

Puzzle Find The Differences

Spot the diffrence2 is a game with simplicity at its essence. You are given two different photos, apparently identical, but with minor differences. There is a 40-second timer that pops up and you get several misses before you are timed out. Later attempts give you 60 seconds. Most people find the game relaxing, I get bored quickly when I do not achieve success and I usually find one difference, sometimes two, but 9 times out of 10 I get timed out. The game has multiple levels, I'm told as many as 3,000, and apparently beyond a certain amount of levels you need to pay coinage to try. If you are the type that likes meticulous challenges, this is definitely the game for you. I personally found many of the differences that I spotted so subtle that it would be difficult to replicate them again. For example, there is one outdoor deer scene with dozens of trees and as far as I am concerned, you've seen one tree, (or one deer) you've seen them all. However, different personality types really love this game and are willing to spend hours playing it. The graphics are terrific but as for being relaxing, like most people, I hate the timer. Give me 60 seconds or less to do a puzzle and I just don't find it relaxing.

About the Creator:

Spot the difference 2 is created by MarketJS. MarketJS is a game developer that creates casual web games. They have also created the following games: Monkey Bubble Shooter, Bubble Pop Adventures, Teddy Bubble Rescue,

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Play spot the difference 2, spot the differences in each level. Great graphics and nice gameplay.
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