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Pop Stone 2

Match 3

Pop Stone 2 is a fun match game. Find combinations of gems of 3 or more. Click on them to make them pop. The rows above it will fall down. Pop the stones so that new combinations are created. Keep dolling everything until the playing field is empty.


If you are stuck, use the hammer to strike a stone. However, use this powerup sparingly as it is quite scarce. You only want to use it when you really can't go any further.

You can also click on the shuffle icon, this shuffles the playing field so that all stones are random again. This is also very useful if you cannot go any further and is cheaper than the hammer. With the brush power up you can make stones a different color. You understand that this power up is quite powerful. It is therefore the most expensive of all.


Each level has a goal, so the first level has the goal to get 1200 points. Achieve these goals to advance to the next levels. The level stops when no more combinations are possible, even if you have already reached the goal. So keep playing until nothing is possible anymore, this just gives you more points.


Are you getting a bit further in the game? Then there are diamonds, these turn a different color each turn. So strategically wait until it turns a color of the surrounding stones and play away as much as possible.

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Play Pop Stone 2, the addicting match game where you must pop the matching stones, make massive combinations and become the pop stone master.
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