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Plants VS Zombies online

Action Tower Defense

PVZ has gone on to be one of the most well renowned games in the world but there may be some out there who still do not know what it is or how to play it. So what exactly is it & how do the mechanics of the game work? Well, your main objective is to take out all of the zombies by getting as many weapons as you can & making it through all of the waves that come after you. To place all of the objects & get more star power, you use the mouse but if you're on a mobile device, you just tap on it using your finger. It first came out back in 2009 & has since been one of the most played online games in the world. So how do you win? Well, to do this, you will need to know the mechanics of it & it helps to study how each zombie appears when it's on the map. If you have a hard time clearing any of the stages, just see what the map says & you should be able to spot the patterns. This in turn will allow you to deploy the right plants in all the right places so you can take them out just as quickly as possible. Of course, you do have to get through each level to make it to the end of the game but, if you do, it will be well worth it. Some players opt to stop using the map after they got the rewards but we would not advise you to do this as it can lead to your down fall in the end. One of the best ways to try & win is to plant as many sun flowers as possible so you can make more of them in the long run. But if you do plant too many, you won't have any room for any of the other plants so you want to make sure you do not go overboard with this. The best trick is to pick the plants that will be most effective for you such as the snap dragons & the sun flowers. & if you use any of the explosives, you want to make sure that your timing is impeccable. But the most important thing to remember is that it should be all about having a good time.

How to play:

Hold off all zombies by placing weapons and survive the waves. Use sunflowers to gain currency.


Mouse: Click to collect star power and click to place the objects.
Mobile: Tap to collect startpower and tap to place the objects.

Release Date:


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Play Plants VS Zombies online, this is the original Plants vs Zombies game that is online playable for free.
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