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Penguin Bounce

Penguin Bounce is an online game where the player controls a polar bear. The player has to launch a penguin as far as possible, and they earn extra points when they hit other animals. In the flight path, there are several obstacles that the player has to avoid.
The game is easy to play since the instructions are easy to read and follow. Upon loading the game, the player interacts with an interface where they learn how to drop the penguin and hit it. All the player has to do for mobile screens is touch to drop and touch again to hit.
After hitting the penguin, the player can touch or tap the screen again to bounce in objects. However, not all objects will be perfect for bouncing the penguin. While in the interface, the player can know how many coins and diamonds they have.
For new players, they will have 0 coins and diamonds. However, it's easy to earn these coins for each successful launch. These coins can be spent on upgrades like speed, power, bounce, and launch. As for the diamonds, the player can buy different hitting items. The default one is a baseball bat. The game is free to play, and it's also available on mobile phones.
Penguin Bounce

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Play Penguin Bounce, hit the penguin as hard as you can, and make hin fly as ar as you can, pick up coins and powerups, and upgrade your penguin.