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Nail Art Salon

Nail Art Salon is a very entertaining online game! I can create my own nail color along with a unique nail design! This game has it all. I loved designing a bubblegum pink nail color with a hearts design. The game provided me with the ability to create ring and bracelet accessories. I can choose gold or silver jewelry accessories along with different color accents. If I don't like the nail color or I want to have different nail polish on each nail, I simply use the nail polish remover tool. This game is easy to play with a click and drag user interface. Once I have designed the model's hands to my heart's desire I get to create her style. I can dress up the model in unique and fashionable outfits such as a dress, skirt and shirt combo, or a more casual jeans and a t-shirt. The outfits are so exciting to play with and they give me great ideas for my own wardrobe! I can toggle different outfits until my model looks gorgeous. I can change her hairstyle to wavy locks, a short pixie cut or even a fishtail braid! Next, I can choose what type of glasses I want my model to wear. Finally, I can choose what type of accent jewelry and leather handbag I want my model to show off. This game is incredible!
Nail Art Salon

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Play Nail Art Salon for free! Run your own nail art salon and help the customers get the most amazing nails.