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Microsoft Minesweeper


Microsoft Minesweeper is a classic PC game. This version of it allows you to start by deciding what kind of game board you want. It starts wi the easy option in green, which is a 9x9 board. Then, if you know a bit more about Minesweeper and you want more of a challenge, you can try the yellow one marked �Medium� which has a 16 by 16 tile board. The expert board in red is 30 by 16.

You also have the option of trying out the daily challenges for whatever day you are on by making that selection after opening up the game. If you do it this way, you can fill up your progress bar by trying challenges that are different every day. Some days will also give you a �Daily Bonus� to help you fill-up the bar. Each potential challenge in the day is marked, easy, hard, or medium. The easy ones are often just about trying to clear the board in a regular way while having only a couple of lives to do it.

The standard gameplay for minesweeper includes looking at a board that's marked with numbers on squares. Each square's number indicates how many mines it is adjacent to generally. Your task then is to click on squares that don't have mines, which will give you more information about the squares nearby that do have mines, as it will mark them with numbers or turn them from blue to white to indicate a blank square you don't have to �clear.� You can right-click on squares to indicate whether you think there is a mine there, or whether you are uncertain about it, to make it easier to clear the board.

If you accidentally click on a square with a mine on it, then it explodes and you lose a life. There's a lot of variation in the challenges about how many lives you get, but in the standard games you only get one, so if you hit a mine, you have to start all the way from the beginning again and go from there.

About the Creator:

Microsoft Minesweeper is created by Microsoft. Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. They have ported a lot of their classic Windows games to the web. They have also created the following games: Microsoft Jewel, Microsoft solitaire, Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Jigsaw, Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Word Twister, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games,

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Play Microsoft Minesweeper for free on our website. This is the official minesweeper game you know from Microsoft. Did you get those vibes from the Windows game years ago? You can relive those times with our official game.
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