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Impossible 13


Impossible 13 is one of the most colorful and expressive games you can play on the internet right now! Right away you are treated to this gorgeous soft color palette with wonderful muted pinks and blues. These are some fantastic hues and I really must shout out the art team for encouraging and supporting such a relaxing and captivating art scheme.
Impossible 13 tasks their players with combining 3 or more items to create an entirely new one, and from there you continue to combine these items of three or more to increase the number by one increment (3 items of 1 becomes 2, 2 items of 3 becomes 3, et cetera).
You can undo items and remove items with these special little power ups! It really is such a fun and relaxing experience. I had such a wonderful time just matching and slapping these little items together 1 by 1 on Impossible 13. I would very highly recommend this game to anyone interested in learning how to correlate numbers and finish puzzles very well. This game is great for young kids interested in excelling in educational matters and learning how to perform well under pressure and solve problems within a puzzling environment.
Impossible 13 is just one of several exciting games you can play right now on bubbleshooter.net! It is a really good time and definitely one that I would be able to spend hours and hours just playing my free time away.

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Play Impossible 13, connect and merge all numbers to get to number 13. If you merge 2 numbers they go up one value. keep playing and connecting until you reach the ultimate 13.
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