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Habbo Clicker

Habbo clicker is a free to play clicker game. You start in the Habbo hotel pre filled with rooms. Earn more money by upgrading your rooms and objects in the rooms. It will attract higher paying guests.

Habbo clicker help

You can click anywhere in the game. Click on the money symbol next to a room to upgrade it to a higher and more income room. If you click on the money icon you will see what you can upgrade in the room to earn more money.
You can also upgrade by spending lighting bolts, you can earn or buy these. When you click on the overall progress icon on the left you can see your progress in the game.

You can upgrade your hotel when the hotel improvement bar at the top of the screen is filled. Build and upgrade your hotel to Fill the bar.

Habbo clicker main screen

This is the main loading screen for Habbo clicker. This shows you the main ascpects of the game.

This is the main "world" of Habbo clicker. It is filled with rooms with objects and people. You can upgrade the objects in rooms that you own to make more profit. Once you make more profit you can upgrade your room or buy newer rooms to make even more profit. When you make enough profit you can upgrade to a whole new hotel!

Category: Puzzle


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