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Worlds Hardest Game


Worlds Hardest Game looks simple from the onset but truly lives up to its description as a challenging game to play and win. At the opening of the game, there are three tiles for selection. The player can 'play the game,' 'load game,' or 'select level.' At the beginning of the game, the player will start with the first level and move to the successive next level after working through the prior one. The game looks simple at sight, but once the player commences, they realize the sheer level of attention and skill for them to win and move to the next level. The challenge gets more complex at each progressive level, adding the fun by demanding the player's attention, effort, and skill.

How to play:

First, the player needs to choose from the options on the screen. They can click on play game or load game. Here, they are introduced to the first level of the game. The player will proceed with the game by guiding the red square on the game area through the white and gray squares. The game intends to pass the square through the tiled area without being hit by the blue balls moving across the entire area. Five blue balls are moving in alternating directions across the tiled area. If the red square stays in any of the squares for too long, the blue ball will hit it and end the game in a fail. The player must find a way to guide the square through the tiled area successfully without colliding with the moving blue balls. They will move to the next level by successfully guiding the ball to the other side of the game. After finishing one level of the game, the player can repeat or load the next level that is now open for play. The game gets more challenging at each progressively higher level as the blue balls intensify in their moving speed across the tiled area.


In this game, the player must successfully master the art of using the directional control buttons to move the red square up, down, and sideways. In addition, they must also have the dexterity to change pace and direction along with the alternating blue balls. The player will be challenged toggling using the limited space on the direction buttons on the keyboard. For a better experience, they will need a control pad with better buttons and easier toggles. It takes time to master the controls and manage the movement of the square across the tiled area without hitting the blue balls. The player must remain attentive and up their game at each level as they work with the control pad throughout the game. Jump to top

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Worlds Hardest Game looks simple from the onset but truly lives up to its description as a challenging game to play and win.
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